C&H Trucking Academy

Providing Class A & B CDL Training

C&H Trucking Academy mission is to provide opportunities for people seeking ways to improve their financial situation as well as enhance their life through education.

The Mission includes building economic opportunities by providing education in trades with marketable skills in a caring environment.

At C&H Trucking Academy our administrators are about the community and community service.  It is with this heartfelt desire to improve the quality of life in people that we became a CDL training school.  We plan on expanding the trades to other needed services and opportunities needed in our community.  In addition we provide the state of the art training tools such as computer for every student, online practice testing, and simulator for practicing safe driving before taking the student out on the road.  We provide education in electronic documenting allowing the students to be prepared for companies who are moving towards the electronic movement.


340 S. 6th St., Sunnyside, WA 98944 1-855-512-2223 Email us Here


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